Why Cloud Insurance Broker Management Software is Ideal for Small Agencies

4 min readDec 13, 2021


Managing insurance brokers is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of effort on part of insurance agencies. Moreover, to facilitate transparency and improved productivity, businesses must equip the brokers with efficient technologies and modern solutions. The best insurance broker software can help agencies gain a competitive edge and reach goals faster. These software solutions bring all the broker processes under a single umbrella. However, traditional on-premise insurance broker software systems are often too rigid to align with small and medium-sized insurance businesses. That is why cloud-based insurance broker software solutions are more preferred by insurance agencies of small sizes.

Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Insurance Broker Management Software

Let’s take a look into why small-sized insurance agencies should pick cloud-based insurance broker management software over on-premise solutions.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Many insurance agencies shy away from implementing an insurance broker management software due to the concerns associated with complex implementation. Cloud-based insurance broker software can be installed easily, with minimum downtime. The best insurance broker software solutions can be up and running in very little time.

Moreover, another great thing about cloud-based solutions is that their implementation is quite cost-effective. With cloud software, businesses no longer have to invest in hardware or expand their IT infrastructure for hosting the data. They also do not need to hire resources for maintaining the infrastructure and software. All maintenance is handled by the software vendor. The end-to-end implementation of the software, migration of data, and even security updates is done remotely by the vendor.

Regular Data Backups

When it comes to critical customer data, it is essential for insurance agencies to ensure that the information is not only secure but also backed up in case of emergencies. However, a number of small and medium-sized insurance agencies fail to take proper measures to back up data in a proper manner. At times, they do not have the technical expertise or infrastructure for backing up information.

However, disaster does not wait for anyone and it can hit at any time and in any form. Even an event as harmless as misplacing a hard drive can throw the insurance agency into a frenzy. Irrespective of the kind of disaster that might occur at a business, data backup becomes a necessary proactive measure.

Cloud-based insurance broker management software provides easy data backup. The cloud-hosted servers offer peace of mind. Even if the machines at the agency stop functioning or the local documents get deleted, the backup of the data can be accessed. The ability to access data that might otherwise be misplaced or gone forever means that the insurance agency can reduce the risk of losing crucial information.

Access from Anywhere

The best insurance broker software is one that can be accessed from anywhere. It enables insurance agencies to facilitate easy access to information. Brokers can access the software at any time, from anywhere, and using any device.

As the server is usually hosted by the vendor, the server and the information it host is available round-the-clock. Anybody with an internet connection and compatible devices like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet can access the software.

This anytime, anywhere access makes last-minute work rather easy. It also enables on-the-go brokers and remote workers to stay on the top of their game and provide better service to customers.

Lower Costs

Small and medium-sized insurance agencies may not have the budget for building a system from the ground up. Apart from the initial investment costs associated with on-premise insurance broker management systems, other costs concerning infrastructure, staff, maintenance, etc also have to be accounted for. Many of these costs have to be incurred on an ongoing basis.

In comparison, cloud-based insurance broker software is much more affordable. The initial setup and deployment are more cost-effective and speedier. Agencies have to shell out a nominal subscription fee, whereby the upgrades and maintenance are managed by the vendor.

Bottom Line

Cloud-hosted insurance broker management software systems offer easy flexibility to add tools as and when needed. This type of scalability is essential for small businesses. What makes cloud insurance broker software stand out is the fact that these solutions are more affordable for businesses that cannot afford to invest in infrastructure. All in all, small-sized insurance agencies can benefit more from cloud-based enterprise software.




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